About the Cats - Page 3

Stubby is the only survivor of a deformed litter.
For some reason, she does not photograph well,
and this is the best photo we have of her at the
moment. Her legs are short and she has a corkscrew tail.

Frosty was originally rescued from a hoarder
and is the only one who survived. Now 12,
she was transferred to our shelter 3 years ago
and is quite happy here.

Mattie was rescued from a family that
was moving from the country, into town.
All the cats were being "disposed of" by bullets,
but we got the last two cats out in time.
She was wearing a harness that must have
been put on as a kitten and never removed.
She could hardly breathe, and it left dents
in her chest, as you can see.

Mattie is almost completely free of the damage
done by her harness, and her coat is shiny now, too.

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Posted 2017 - Dr. RJ Peters 
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