About the Cats - Page 2

Tux showed up in our yard
one day and has been here ever since.
He's a love bug, and we are happy to keep him!

We named this one Marble, because she
has a marbled statue look with shades of gray
throughout her fur. She's incredibly friendly!

Buttercup was rescued from the street as his family decided to
move, leaving him behind to make his own way.
A kind neighbor brought him to us.

Georgia came from...yep, Georgia! She was rescued
from an inevitable fate at many shelters, being put
down because they need the room for the next wave
of rescued cats with no place to go. She has grown
very large but is a real pussycat with a playful streak!

These male kittens were born Aug. 14, 2017 and
are now old enough to be adopted.

Sox came in as a kitten from a deteriorating
neighborhood where she was being abused
and harassed. She's very affectionate with
people, surprisingly, but not other cats.

Mystery showed up, well, mysteriously, one day.
I was gone for a while, but there he was
when I came home, relaxing in a cage in one of the
buildings on our place. He's neutered (we can tell),
and is obviously a well kept cat. Of course, his
collar was gone, so we put another one on him.

Bootsie is about 13, surrendered due to allergies in the
family. She has adapted quickly and is a happy member
of our family here!

Chrissie was rescued from a business in town after
she had been trying for a week to get inside.
There had been a blizzard that week and
she was cold, hungry and apparently unable to get home.
We advertised, but no one claimed her. She's welcome to stay here.

These two came in as kittens and are growing fast!

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Posted 2017 - Dr. RJ Peters 
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