About the Cats - Page 1

This is Tuffy, partially blind. Born in a
garage to a stray, she is still young and loves to play!

This is Bo, short for Bojangles, relaxing
on the deck. Surrendered from a farm,
he's a delightful cat with a sense of humor!

Boots was rescued from a farm at 6 mo. old.
She presented us with kittens a few weeks later!
Since she was too young for this, they were not
viable and all died within a few hours. She is now
9 and is very affectionate and playful.

Tweeter was rescued at the end of 2010, removed
from a dangerous domestic situation. Originally rescued
from a roadside where her mother and siblings were
already dead, she was only 4 weeks old and had coccidia.
Now 4, Tweeter is healthy, but shy and wary of other cats.

Freckles came in as a kitten, at not quite a year
old. She was rescued from a high kill shelter,
as were her siblings, but they all went to
separate homes. She doesn't get along with
other cats very well. She's 6 now.

Scarlet was surrendered by a family that had to
move. She is a bit skittish and prefers to stay in
one spot most of the time, but is very affectionate
with people, though not other cats.

These two came from a farm and are likely
related. Kit in front, Sonny in back. They are
loving and playful, though Sonny is more shy.

Orange Ade is a very large male who
is quite self sufficient, but loves people.

Gus came to us from Missouri, where he had
been found by the road and cared for by a local
rescuer. After much needed vet care for his injuries,
he was tested and found to be positive for FIV.
Sadly, this means he can't mingle with the other cats.

Toledo was found hiding out in someone's
garage as a small kitten, burrowed underneath
some dirty rags, scared out of his wits. In fact,
no one knew he was a cat until we went over
to get him. Now 12, he is very affectionate.

Mr. Fuzz is one of the kittens we rescued
5 years ago. He's very affectionate and playful.

Mikey is also from the rescued litter and is now
the largest cat from that group, at 23 pounds.

Tiny is one of the 6 kittens rescued 5 years ago.
As you can see, she's no longer the runt of the litter.

Jesse is one of the rescued kittens, now also 5
years old. He's very muscular, strong and sleek.

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